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Our achievements

in brief
Since 2007 we have conducted hundreds of training courses, we have trained thousands of people and took part in several projects aimed to fight the digital divide.


What we do
We belong to an international consortium that develops the smart home project for the elderly and the disabled persons. We prepare presentations of the newest technologies, entrants to the market and we introduce them during our workshops as well as we provide advice to entrepreneurs in obtaining the EU funds.

Plans for the future

A new social networking campaign
Over the next two months we are planning to launch a nationwide social campaign. It is aimed to unite senior communities with young people. We encourage you to track the news.


  • Go-myLife
    Go-myLife aims to improve the quality of life for older people through the use of online social networks combined with mobile technologies. The Go-myLife architecture consists of a core social networking platform connected to disparate social networking sites through middleware that essentially addresses personalization, security...
    The NITICS project will build a flexible platform that will rely on a set of basic and task oriented services: localization of personal objects (keys, glasses, mobile); localization and movement pattern analysis of elderly and disabled people inside their homes – which, integrated with body...
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