NITICS – the summary of the meeting in Warsaw

The meeting of the NITICS consortium partners was held on 15-16 October 2013 in Warsaw. The two-day event was aimed to specify tasks that would lead to creation of the most suitable home for the elderly and disabled. The picture was taken during a meeting at the Warsaw University of Technology.
During one of the sessions, SSW presented results of the international survey conducted among the elderly and the disabled. Results of these studies will let us better understand the needs of seniors, their expectations and problems they face with every day.
We want our new home to be both safe (to protect from accidents or “unwanted” guests) and to facilitate daily activities (eg, finding keys or glasses), allow for the quick contact with the carers (thanks to the use of simple and modern methods of communication, such as Videophone) and to improve the health care, reminding about visits to the doctor or recommending medical examination. All of this in order to live a nicer, easier and safer life.
All the conclusions will be presented in a report, according to which engineers from the consortium will design some of the new devices.

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