Meeting of partners and the success in Switzerland

Representatives of the Association hosted recently in Lugano, Switzerland-at the seat of SAPHIRION company (partner in the project NITICS) where took place mid-term review of the results of the project. For the two-day meeting came partners from Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Romania and Poland (in addition to the SSW also representative of the Warsaw University of Technology), as well as, most importantly, the international verification commission which verifies progress of our project.

The platform that integrates a number of devices (both for medical diagnosis, monitoring home security as well as communication) is close to completion and is awaiting the introduction of last fixes and adjustments. Two intense days of work have to develop ways of implementation of new products created by the project, marketing strategy and plan of tests and further cooperation in the next stages of work.

On the second day, during a meeting with members of the international verification commission Professor of Sociology at the University of Umea (Sweden) drew attention to the quality and professionalism of the work carried out by the SSW. Pointed out that the task performed in the workspace, whose leader was the Association, have been carried out

according to the highest standards, and the results are promising for the introduction of products on the market.

The next meeting will be held for about 3 months, during that time there will be carried out testing with end-users.

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