AALfred can speak!

Resident (61 years) of Mazowsza (region in Poland) likes job in workshop and garden about which he reads a lot in the Internet. He also uses on-line shopping to buy neccessary tools. Now he is helping others how to use Internet. He will provide the voice of AALfred.

We have just finished the recording of sentences, building a database of words, which Older People’s Personal Assistant will use to communicate with senior. More than a dozen hours of studio work for us and hard work ahead of IT professionals from Microsoft Portugal. The effects will be ready in a few months. Worth to wait.

The application will prevent the isolation of seniors, make it easier for them to contact with others, allow access to entertainment and education. To the Assistant we will talk, give commands like “turn on the TV”, “call Barbara, “connect with Facebook”, “send a mail to” or even dictate the content of e-mail.

In order to make AALfred understand each individual person we have recorded 900 seniors, which gave 90 hours of speech.

The Assistant will also speak to us: remind us that it is time for a medicine, about a visit of granddaughters, birthday or friend, about messages that are waiting for us on Facebook. The voice of the AALfreda, which we have just ended recording, was elected by a group of seniors and experts. The timbre of voice is low, but has pleasant and resonant tone as well as excellent diction.

AALfred notice also the move of hand so we will be able to control it using gestures and it will also respond to touch.

We hope to introduce AALfred later this year.

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