NITICS Consortium Meeting

The previous week was a very important week for the Association. Fruitful meeting of the partners of the NITICS Consortium, which carries the new arrangements, objectives and plans, was held on 10th of September 2014 in Bucharest at the Technical University.

One of the objectives of the NITICS project is to create a simple and specially designed for seniors devices which will be a part of a smart home. We are already in the second half of our project – have complete prototypes and applications and stand in front of a few very important tasks – tests and development of sales and distribution plan.

In the light of the above, in the near future we will carry out tests of these devices, check their effectiveness, ease of use, durability and usefulness. Part of the equipment is specially prepared by researchers from Warsaw University of Technology, with whom we are in close cooperation.

The second important task, in which the SSW plays an important function is to help in the development of business analysis and marketing plan. Based on our experience and knowledge we will prepare a new market analysis that will serve as part of an overall marketing plan.

More details will be available soon.

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