Our offer is addressed mainly to companies and public administration. We are also open to cooperation with other institutions and organizations that would share the same  interest in our offer.
The services provided by the Association include:

  • Analysis of the possibility of obtaining external financial assistance, in particular from the EU aid funds .
  • Preparation of the application form , business plan or feasibility study.
  • Assistance in the preparation of the documentation necessary to submit the application along with the formal and merit control.
  • We provide project partners ( public, private and non-governmental organizations and others).
  • Permanent or temporary advice on the possibility of obtaining external financial assistance, in particular from the EU aid funds.
  • Preparation of a municipal, county or regional strategy for development of information society.
  • Support in choosing  technology appropriate to the project .
  • Personnel training in the absorption of financial assistance from external resources, in particular the EU aid funds
  • Project management
  • The grants’ settlement or financial assistance in accordance with the principles and obligations of the beneficiary.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and financial settlement of the project.

Moreover, the Association has implemented or is ready to carry out projects and work together to:

  • Prevent the social exclusion and digital divide, present in particular in rural areas;
  • Disseminate new information and communication technologies (ICT) and the benefits of their use in the economy, society and public administration;
  • Support the development of e-services in the field of eHealth, eBusiness, eGovernment and eLearning;
  • Promote the development of small and medium enterprises based on product  and process innovation, organization restructuring, including changes in  management, marketing and implementation of new technologies;
  • Promote and support projects in the field of information society related to the integration of Poland and the European Union;
  • Support market development and investment in ICT and facilitate such investments;
  • Networking for innovation facilitating  the transfer of new technologies and the transfer of know-how in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • support the formation or development of the regional innovation strategies and the information society;
  • Promote the lifelong learning and increasing access to education at all levels;
  • Strengthening cooperation between business and R&D sector;
  • Represent the interests of the ICT sector against the state and local authorities, other institutions as well as natural and legal persons;
  • Support the development of the information society especially in rural areas;
  • Promote the safety use of information and communication technologies;
  • Promote the access to the Internet and information;
  • Support actions aimed at equality between women and men in society;
  • Carry out activities, and promotion in respect to sustainable development;
  • Promote the use of EU funds.